Book in Table View

Table View creates a table in which every row has a booking button. Columns are sortable, even if they are date/time values, for any WP date/time format setting. Your clients can use this, e.g. to find the earliest time slot in the list.
– Most reservation engines use this type of display method. Therefore people may be familiar with the look
– It can be used in narrow areas while having a big button making it especially suitable for mobile phones. Indeed, this is the default Booking UI in WP BASe Personal for mobile phones
– Especially suitable for Time Zone Selection Addon, because local and server times of a slot can be displayed at the same time
– Especially suitable for 24 hour long services, as display of time can be omitted
– Requires more space per time slot compared to the other Booking UI’s

Have a look at this page for other setting examples with Table View.

May 21, 2024
Not available
All times are set to Asia/Bangkok (Server Timezone)

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